Copyright terms for material used in the

Read these terms carefully. Acceptance of these copyright terms is required for Moniviestin users.

When producing educational material or other data on the net it is important to consider copyright. If you use copyright-protected material in online learning you must have permission from the copyright holder. Material of this kind includes, for example, articles, presentations, recordings, photos, tables and audiovisual recordings.

What is not allowed?
The material in and distributed through Moniviestin must be legal, andmust not infringe copyright. In addition, distribution of work protected by copyright via Moniviestin is forbidden. This means, for example, that in the teaching context, using recordings of music performances in Moniviestin video will require permission from the performer and the copyright holder. Viewing restriction (e.g. pathkey protection) does not cancel out the obligations defined in the copyright law.

What is allowed?
You are allowed to disseminate information in your own words taken from scientific publications, or from other work produced by other people. You are also allowed to take citations from a published work, to the extent required by the purpose. Material in the internet (e.g. an article or comic strip) can be linked to the description field below the Moniviestin video, as long as the original source is clearly stated.

Material produced by students
The teacher or other educational organizer is allowed to use material produced by a student during the course in which the student participates. Material produced by a student cannot be used after the course, nor in any other course, unless a written agreement is made between the two parties.

Adherence to copyright is the responsibility of the materials producer, i.e. the responsibility of the teacher/student!

Additional information on copyright can be obtained through the copyright organizations and from the following addresses:

- Ministry of Education - Copyright in Finland:
- Copyright Information & Anti-Piracy Centre In Finland:

Material that is uploaded in the Members-folder will stay published in Moniviestin for 180 days and after that it will be deleted automatically.

I accept the terms of copyright concerning material used in Moniviestin, and I agree to be bound by them.